Knot Number Theory Seminar

This is the homepage for the Knot Number Theory Reading Seminar focused on learning the basics of arithmetic topology.

This seminar is co-organized by Alex Galarraga ( and myself ( at the University of Washington.

This seminar ran for the Spring 2023 quarter.


We will be primarily following these lecture notes.

A alternate standard reference is:

For references on algebraic topology and number theory:


Each week someone may volunteer to lecture on material from the above primary source.
(Topics subject to change based on interest.)

Lecture 1:

Friday, March 31st


Lecture 2:

Friday, April 7th


Lecture 3:

Friday, April 14th


Lecture 4:

Friday, April 21st


Lecture 5:

Friday, April 28th


Lecture 6:

Friday, May 5th


Lecture 7:

Friday, May 12th


Lecture 8:

Friday, May 26th