Algebraic Geometry Reading Seminar

This is the homepage for the Algebraic Geometry Reading Seminar focused on Robin Hartshorne's textbook (here is PDF copy).

This seminar is co-organized by myself ( and Alex Wang ( at the University of Washington.

Our meeting times are as follows:

  • Mondays 1PM - 2PM in Padelford Hall (PDL) C-401, and

  • Wednesdays 1PM - 2PM in the mathematics graduate lounge (tentatively).



  • Monday meetings will be designated as a discussion day.

    • The first half of the meeting will be dedicated to a volunteer summarizing the contents of a section.

    • The remainder of the meeting will be dedicated to discussing the section together -- collectively working through the details of proofs, statements, and examples in the reading.

  • Wednesday meetings will be designated as a problem day.

    • We will have selected some exercises from the end of the section in Hartshorne (through conversations with AG faculty).

      • These will be posted here on the website under the corresponding problem solving day (below in the schedule).

      • You are welcome to look at them and try them before Wednesday, but that will not be expected of you.

    • For the first half of the seminar, we'll split off into groups to collaborate with eachother on the problems.

    • For the later half, we'll re-assemble and discuss our solutions/approaches with one another.

  • Prior to Monday meetings (modulo first week):

    • the non-speakers should try to read (or at very least skim through) the section before the meeting, and

    • the speaker should try their to give the section a thorough read-through (perhaps noting difficulties encountered to discuss them as a group).

  • After Wednesdays, people are welcome (and encouraged!) to then begin TeXing up solutions to problems in the shared Overleaf file. Details on this below!

If you have thoughts on any of these, please let me ( or Alex Wang ( know! Again, although Alex and I are happy to take charge of the logistics behind the seminar -- we believe that the actual reading seminar is run by all of us collectively. So if you have comments on the structure, please let us know!

Class Summaries:

During/after our Monday class meetings (discussion days), we will have someone summarize (the scribe) what we talked about that day.

Here is AG Summaries document, which is synced and update every time the Overleaf file is edited.

Please remind Andrew to change the above hyperlink on Wednesday incase he forgets -- Sincerely, Andrew

TeXing Solutions to Exercises:

After our group problem solving meetings on Wednesday, we plan to TeX up our solutions to problems on a shared Overleaf project.

Please email me ( or Alex Wang ( to receive the invite link to view and edit the document.


Below is a very brief summary of the day and what to expect during future meetings (prefaced by "Plan").

Please see the AG Summaries document (above) for a more thorough summary.

Week 2 (of autumn quarter):

  • Monday, October 3rd

    • First day of seminar. Structure and expectations discussed. Alex Wang lectured on start of Section 1.1.

    • Between Monday and Wednesday, everyone was encouraged to take a look/skim through rest of Section 1.1.

  • Wednesday, October 5th

    • Plan: Discuss the remainder of Section 1.1.

    • Plan: Work through selected exercises in Section 1.1.

    • Exercises: 1.3 - 1.8 and 1.12

Week 3:

  • Monday, October 10th

    • Plan: Cameron Wright will lead the discussion on Section 1.2.

  • Wednesday, October 12th

Week 4:

  • Monday, October 17th

  • Wednesday, October 19th

Week 5:

  • Monday, October 24th

  • Wednesday, October 26th

Week 6:

  • Monday, October 31st

  • Wednesday, November 2nd

Week 7:

  • Monday, November 7th

  • Wednesday, November 9th

Week 8:

  • Monday, November 14th

  • Wednesday, November 16th

Week 9:

  • Monday, November 21st

  • Wednesday, November 23rd

Week 10:

  • Monday, November 28th

  • Wednesday, November 30th

Week 11:

  • Monday, December 5th

  • Wednesday, December 7th


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