∞-Category Seminar

Welcome to the homepage for the ∞-Category Seminar Reading Seminar focused on learning the basics of (∞,1)-categories

We will be running this seminar over the Spring 2024 quarter at the University of Washington. 

Our meeting times are held

12:30 - 1:30 pm in Padelford Hall (PDL) C-401.

This seminar is being co-organized with

Our primary resource will be Omar Antolín Camarena's 

A Whirlwind Tour of the World of (∞,1)-categories.


Each week someone may volunteer to lecture on material from the above primary source.
(Topics subject to change based on interest.)

Lecture 1:

April 10th, 2024


Lecture 2:

April 17th, 2024


Lecture 3:

April 24th, 2024


Lecture 4:

May 1st, 2024


Lecture 5:

May 8th, 2024


Lecture 6:

May 15th, 2024


Lecture 7:

May 21st, 2024


Lecture 8:

May 28th, 2024


Final Lecture:

June 1st, 2024