You can find a repository of some basic code I've written on my GitHub.


  • On discrete gradient vector fields and Laplacians of simplicial complexes, with I. Contreras, in preparation.

  • Normality of toric rings and Rees algebras of pinched strongly stable ideals, with G. Sosa, C. Chandler, M. Liu, E. Mezinska, A. G. Moore, S. Sule, in preparation.

  • Quantum Jacobi forms and sums of tails identities, with A. Folsom, E. Pratt, N. Solomon, submitted.

Expository Articles

  • An introduction to geodesics: the shortest distance between two points, arXiv.

Past Projects

  • Summer 2020: Quantum Jacobi Forms and Sums of Tails Identities (talk, poster)

  • Summer 2019: Graph Quantum Mechanics and Discrete Morse Theory (poster)

  • Summer 2018: Normality of Toric Rings and Rees Algebras of Pinched Strongly Stable Ideals (poster)